Hire A Locksmith To Secure Your Business Establishment

Posted on: 20 June 2023

Did a disgruntled employee that was terminated use the key to your business to trespass and vandalize the place? If they were arrested but you still feel like your business is at risk of getting vandalized again, it is time to contact a locksmith. If your disgruntled ex-employee still has a key to your business, the locks must be rekeyed before they are released from jail. Sending them to jail may have caused even more anger and bitterness. A professional locksmith can provide more services than rekeying the lock on the door, including installing locks that are more secure for your future needs. 

Stop Relying on Keys to Unlock Doors

Sometimes disgruntled employees will refuse to turn in their keys after they have been terminated. You can eliminate such a problem by getting rid of the need to use keys to unlock doors. For example, a locksmith can install keyless locks on your doors that can be deactivated within minutes of an employee getting fired. Keyless locks will get rid of the need for rekeying the locks each time you decide to fire an employee, which will also save money. Keyless locks can be opened by using cards, a numeric keypad, fingerprints, and other ways.

Control Your Locks From Any Location

If you upgrade to keyless locks, you can control the locks no matter where you are located. The convenience of controlling locks from remote locations is that you can activate cards or other features without being present in the building. For example, if someone needs to access your business establishment while you are away, you can activate a code for them to use on the door. Remote control over the locks will also be convenient if one of your employees forgets their code and needs a new one while you are away. How your locks are controlled will depend on the locking system that you get installed, but they are commonly managed using software or a cloud-based program.

Improve the Security of Windows

Keep in mind that your disgruntled ex-employee might find other ways to enter your building other than the door. If you have any windows that can open in the building, consider getting more secure locks installed on them as well. You want to make it as difficult as possible for criminals to enter your business establishment. Talk to a commercial locksmith to learn what your door and window lock options are.