Rekeying Essentials For Business Owners

Posted on: 31 March 2023

Keys can wind up in the wrong hands, resulting in concerns about who will gain access to business property that is private. A commercial locksmith is a professional who can rekey a lock, plus provide a business owner with duplicate copies of the key.

Types Of Locks That Are Serviced

A commercial locksmith is knowledgeable about replacing a lock and rekeying a lock. Replacing a lock requires the removal and replacement of all of the hardware that makes up a lock. Rekeying a lock involves modifying an existing lock.

A commercial locksmith services a wide range of lock products. Door locks, gate locks, toolbox locks, and safe locks are some of the lock types that a locksmith is knowledgeable about repairing and replacing.

A locksmith can repair analog and digital locking systems. When a client contacts a commercial locksmith to set up an appointment for a lock to be rekeyed, they will need to provide the lock model that they need help with. 

Rekeying Basics

Lock systems that require the use of a key are programmed using a pin system. Pins are tiny protrusions that are found inside of a lock. The arrangement of the pins will dictate the shape of the key that will be needed to open the lock. The notches in a key are indicative of the pin layout inside of a lock.

In order for a commercial locksmith to rekey a lock, they will rely upon the use of some hand tools. These tools are specialized tools that are designed to modify a series of lock pins. The tools will not cause any damage to an existing lock.

A customer should furnish their locksmith with a copy of the original key. The locksmith will use the key to open the lock. Then, they will modify the layout of the pins. If a customer does not have access to an original key, a commercial locksmith will need to pick the lock. They will use a narrow tool to assist them with gaining entry to the lock.

Key Copies

Once the lock has been rekeyed, a locksmith will use a piece of equipment that is designed to cut keys. They will use the new pin formation to guide them in preparing keys that will work inside of the lock. At the end of the service appointment, the locksmith will make certain that the new keys can be used to open the lock.

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