Changing Your Lock And Safe Combinations When You Own A Business

Posted on: 4 November 2016

If you want to succeed in business, it's important to keep your property safe. If you are wondering whether you should change the locks, or change the combination of your safe, then it is probably time to do so. The money you spend changing your current lock situation is worth it. Whether you have just moved into a property, or suffered from a break-in, it isn't going to hurt you to change your safe combination or your locks at any time. If your business involves plenty of staff turnover, you will need to change your locks and safe combination at least once a year.

When a Manager Leaves

It doesn't matter if you loved the manager who is now leaving the business, you still need to change your locks and safe combination. While it is probably unlikely that the manager will retain a key for their personal use, their is no reason to take the risk. It is a cost of doing business to change your locks when a manager leaves. Changing the safe combination is also necessary, as many people remember the combination to a safe long after they are no longer legally allowed access to the safe.

If You've Moved Into a New Location

When you move your business into a new location, you should change out the locks. Even when the landlord says that they have given you every extra key to the place, let them know you are changing the locks. You will need to give the landlord a master key in case of an emergency, but otherwise you will be in control of any other copies that you give out. 

When Your Business Has Been Broken Into

You never know what a criminal is going to take, and that includes any spare keys to your business. Changing the locks will ensure that anyone that has broken into your property doesn't have an easy way in the next time. The first break in could have been to find keys and prepare for the next hit. Protect your business after a break in by changing all of your locks.

When you rely on a safe combination to protect your valuable papers, money, contracts and more, changing the combination every six months or so will help keep your important documents safe. At some point, too many people will have the combination to your safe, or a copy of your key to get into the business. Protect yourself accordingly. For more information, contact companies like Competition Locksmith.