When Do You Need Lock Rekeying Services?

Posted on: 28 October 2016

Having your locks rekeyed on a regular basis is a great idea to protect your security. Here are some times when you should always hire a locksmith to get your locks replaced. 

When You First Move In

The first time to hire a locksmith is when you first move into a new place. You can't be sure that the old locks have been replaced by your landlord or the previous owner. When you get your locks rekeyed at move in, you guarantee that you are starting fresh and that no one but you has access to your keys. 

After You've Subletted Your Place

Similarly, after you've let someone else stay in your home, you should always get the locks rekeyed. That person may not have been as cautious as you about who had access to the keys and where they were left. It's possible that a stranger copied the keys while you were away. Rekeying your locks gives you peace of mind that you are still secure when you return from an absence. 

When You've Had a Break-In    

If you've had a break-in, you should get your locks rekeyed if it was possible that the person entered through the front door and/or that they gained access to a spare set of keys. At the same time, your locksmith might want to check on other security matters, such as the strength of your windows and the condition of your locks in general. If needed, the locksmith might have you upgrade to stronger deadbolts or even install an electronic monitoring system. 

After Many People Have Passed Through

You should set a number in your head as to when you will change your locks. For instance, you might state that after 25 people have gained access to your keys, you will use a rekeying service. People like guests, maintenance people, and building managers can each present a little more risk to your home. After a while, it's simply a good idea to clear the slate and secure your home. 

After Several Years Without Replacing

If none of these issues come up in the span of several years, you might want to consider replacing your locks anyway. There may have been a security issue that you have missed. It's akin to changing your internet passwords every once in a while; it's simply a good security measure.

Ask your locksmith, someone like Key One Inc, about the maximum time that you should go with the same locks in your neighborhood.