Call An Auto Locksmith If You Face These Issues

Posted on: 27 October 2016

When many people think about an auto locksmith, they think of someone to call when they've locked their keys inside their vehicle. While this is certainly true, and an auto locksmith will quickly open your car up for you, there are a number of other services that this professional can provide. Whether you find yourself in a predicament with your car parked in a public area, or you're dealing with a problem while parked in your driveway, calling an auto locksmith is the right move. Here are some automotive issues that an auto locksmith can quickly remedy on your behalf.

Problematic Key Fob

When your vehicle's key fob no longer allows you to lock and unlock the doors remotely, the first thing you should do is pop the device open and change the battery. If doing so doesn't address your problem, it's a good idea to call an auto locksmith. This professional can assess the reason for the problem and either repair or replace the key fob for you. This is better than taking the vehicle to the auto dealership unless it's under a comprehensive warranty, as dealerships often charge a significant amount of money for this type of work.

Broken Key In Trunk

If you use your key to open your trunk, you might find that the lock on the truck is stiff. This can lead you to wiggle the key a little — and possibly even break it off. This will not only render your trunk unusable, but also leave you without your car key. Make sure to call your local auto locksmith promptly. The technician who arrives on the scene can cut you some new keys to suit your vehicle and repair or replace the trunk lock so that you can use it once again.

Loose Key Inside Ignition

When you insert your key into the ignition of your vehicle, it should have a snug fit. Over time, the ignition can become worn to the point that the key is loose once it is inserted. This can be problematic, as it can make it a challenge to successfully start the car. Or, if the key is loose, you might also bend it or snap it off. Whatever the case, your auto locksmith can help. The technician can look at the reason for the loose fit and adjust the ignition (or replace it entirely) so that the key slides in crisply.

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