What To Do After Your Home Has Been Broken Into: Steps To Take

Posted on: 17 October 2016

As a homeowner, one of the biggest concerns that you will have on a regular basis is the possibility of someone getting into your home that you do not want to be there. Break-ins do happen all the time across the country and it can be a home owner's worst nightmare to experience that for themselves. However, you also need to be prepared for what to do when your home has been broken into so that you can be sure that you follow the proper procedures and protect your home and your family moving forward. Get to know some of these steps that you can and should take when your home has been broken into and put them to use if this problem ever affects you.

Contact the Authorities and Your Insurance Company

Of course, the first step that you should take following a break-in in your home is to contact the authorities. This is especially important if you arrive home to a door that is ajar or a home that has clearly been rummaged through so that you are as safe as possible.

Once the authorities arrive on the scene, they will inspect the area for any perpetrators and then once the area is shown to be clear of intruders, they will then work with you to document the evidence and identify any items that have been stolen. The police will also file a case report and provide you with the case number. And, of course, when you get the case number, you can then contact your insurance company and file a claim for the damages.

Have a Locksmith Come to Your Home

After your insurance company give you the go-ahead to begin any necessary repairs, you will want to seek out residential locksmith services like Lockman. The locksmith that you hire will be able to perform numerous processes to make your home more safe and secure to not only fix the locks that were damaged in the break-in but also improve your home security so that the same problem does not occur again in the future.

Changing the locks on your doors and windows is the first step to take. While it is possible that only one of your doors was breached or that only the windows were breached, you will likely feel safer if all of your locks are changed and upgraded. This will ensure that the people who broke into your home will not come back with acquired knowledge of your home security and locks to make getting into your home easier.

If you do not already have them, the locksmith can also install deadbolt and chain locks on your doors. Extra or more secure locks can also be installed on all windows that could be broken into and even glass sliding doors can have additional locks added by a professional locksmith.

When your home has been broken into, you may feel as if you do not know what to do. However, by taking these initial steps, you will be able to begin recovering from this traumatic event and get your home back to feeling safe and secure once again.