Security Options For Your Small Retail Business

Posted on: 12 October 2016

Large retail companies often invest in sophisticated security systems to protect their inventory, but finding the right security setup can be a bit more difficult for the small retail storeowner. Fortunately, there are some steps you can take to secure your business and boost security. Use this guide to help determine which security measures are right for your store.

Install Security Mirrors

Your store may have blind spots, which can give potential shoplifters the cover they need to steal items without being spotted. Security mirrors can be strategically placed throughout your store, making it easier for store staff to see potential problems as they arise. This is a great solution if you don't have enough staff to have one person monitoring security cameras throughout the day.

Tag High-End Items

An alarm system and security tags can go a long way toward deterring theft and preventing people from walking out of your store with merchandise. Invest in security tags for your items, and have your commercial locksmith set up a perimeter alarm system. Whenever a customer attempts to exit your store with an item that is still tagged, the alarm will go off. Train your staff to add the tags to your merchandise before it is placed on the sales floor to ensure your items are secure at all times. Some types of tags you can purchase include:

  • Adhesive stickers for small electronics and boxed goods
  • Plastic tags for clothing
  • Cable wrap alarms for large boxed items

Hire A Greeter

Having a person in the front of your store to greet customers can provide a welcoming environment for your store, and it can also provide a line of defense against theft. The greeter should be positioned at the main entrance, and he or she should be on the lookout for potential shoplifters while providing great customer service to your paying customers.

Security Gates

Security gates provide an added layer of protection against "smash and grab" robberies, which may occur when your store is closed. Some thieves may try to break the glass to your display window or front door to gain entry to your business, but a metal security gate can hamper their efforts. The gates secure into the ground with a deadbolt-style lock, and they can be easily opened with your key when your store is ready to open each day.

Schedule an appointment with your commercial locksmith to inspect your store and come up with other ways to prevent loss and theft in your small retail business. Visit websites like for more information.