4 Ways To Maintain Access To Your Shed

Posted on: 13 September 2016

If you have a shed on your property, you probably use it to store many of the items that you don't use on a daily basis, such as your yard equipment. Even though you may not use the stored equipment daily, you probably still want to be able to access the stored items at will. This can be difficult if you misplace the keys to your shed, especially if you don't want to damage the door or locks of the structure. Nevertheless, there are things you can do to help ensure that you always have access to your shed and the items it contains. Here a few of them:

Make key copies.

Sometimes, you may start out with only one copy of the key to your shed. If that is the case, have several additional copies made. Be sure to store them in different places. Having multiple copies on the same key chain is rarely beneficial.

Give a key to your neighbor.

If you have a trusted neighbor living next door, give him or her a copy of your shed key. This can ensure that, even if you lose your primary key, there is always a spare handy. Additionally, since the person keeping the key copy lives close by, you won't have to travel to pick up the key. 

Hide the key in your yard.

Instead of only using the clever key holders that look like landscape components to harbor a copy of your house key, use one of these decorative items for your shed key as well. Your locksmith may offer key containers that look like rocks or plants that would naturally occur in your yard. Since the items are natural-looking, other people would not suspect that they are harboring a key.

Have a keypad installed.

If your shed is high-end and contains expensive equipment, consider having a keypad entry lock installed. Instead of using a key, you can access your shed by entering a code. Be sure not to share your code with other people, and change it periodically as a safety measure. 

Some keypad entry systems allow you to access a structure by entering the key code or by using a traditional key. As a result, the system's installation may afford you multiple methods of access.

If you are concerned about maintaining access to your shed while still effectively protecting its contents, schedule a consultation with a locksmith from a company like Gene's Lock & Key to discuss your options.