3 Fun Places To Hide Your Spare Car Keys

Posted on: 26 October 2016

If you have ever waited impatiently for the locksmith to arrive at your home or business because you lost your keys, you already know how frustrating it can be to needlessly spend time and money to replace something that you desperately need. While many people will chuckle and tell you to have an extra set of keys made so that the problem does not re-occur, they do not always have any useful suggestions as to where you should carry that backup item. Fortunately, there are numerous places on your car that you can safely hide an extra key, so the next time you lose it, you don't have to be stranded.

#1-Attach A Key To The Outside Of Your Gas Tank

If your vehicle does not have a locking cover to protect the gas tank, controlled with a lever on the inside of the car, you can use the metal surrounding the gas tank to your advantage. For instance, you can wrap a spare key in magnetic tape and then provide it with extra security by attaching it with a sturdy magnet to the area immediately beside the gas tank. Alternatively, you can also buy a magnetic key holder to serve the same purpose.

This option provides the unique benefit of being able to verify the presence of the key on a regular basis, since you can examine the placement of the unit each time you fill the gas tank. If it were to jostle or the magnets securing the keys moved, you would notice soon after and be able to replace the unit before you need it.

#2-Hide The Key On The License Plate

Another place where your spare key can be discreetly hidden is the back of the license plate. By using the aforementioned options of magnetic tape or magnetic key holder, your key is safely hidden in an area that few strangers would ever be brave enough to investigate.

If your state uses license plates on the front and back of your vehicle, you can place a key in both plates. Doing so can be particularly helpful if you experience a lot of severe weather in your area or if you frequently drive on unpaved roads, since you might be more prone than other drivers to dislodge even a securely magnetized key.

#3-Hide The Key On Your Dog Or His House

Since it is just as easy to lose your keys when you are at home as it would be at work or elsewhere, you can enlist your dog .to assist you. For instance, you can put the key under Fido's collar or tape it to the underside of Fluffy's dog house.

The extra benefit for this option is that it does away with much of the fear that people often feel about hiding spare keys when neighbors or passersby can see them doing so. After all, virtually everyone will avoid coming into contact with the neck of a strange dog, given its proximity to the dog's teeth, and therefore the key can be expected to stay safe. There are also obvious problems with the idea of entering a doghouse of an animal you don't know and it only makes sense that the average thief would not risk it.

In conclusion, having a spare car key is a responsible habit for every driver to develop at an early age. Therefore, it is a good idea to consider the following options and hope that you never need to remove any of your well-placed keys. Work with a car key duplicator to get reliable keys made for your vehicle.