Did Your Business Partner Go Rogue And Steal Money? Protect Your Accounts And Building Right Away

Posted on: 19 October 2016

If you have been partners with someone in business, and they have been caught doing illegal things, there are some immediate actions you want to take to protect the property and your investment. If your other owner has gone rogue and you worry that they will try to drain the company or steal things, you have to act quickly. You want to get some legal help and make changes around the property. Do the following right away:

See a Lawyer

Talk with a lawyer immediately to see what you can do to block the other owner from having access to any of the company banking information and accounts until you're able to take their name off of the accounts. Your lawyer may have to get a court order to remove their name from the joint accounts or for you to get sole control over the business so the other owner can't do any damage. Once you have the permission from the courts to take your former partner's name off your accounts or to have the accounts frozen, you won't have to worry.

Have a Locksmith Come to the Property

Have all of the locks and the security system changed around the property so the old owner can't come into the building to steal physical property or get any digital information they want off the servers. You don't want them to walk out with tools, electronics, or other items that are related to the field you work in. Talk to a commercial locksmith service like Global Lock and Key for suggestions on how to make your building extra secure.

Get Server Protection

You don't want the rogue owner contacting your clients, stealing client information off the server, or contacting clients and acting like they still are in good standing with the company. Have your server put a hold on their email account and their computers that automatically connect to the network. This way, your former business partner can't contact anyone or download and save files.

If they have a cell phone that is registered to the company, you want to have that shut off as well. There are a lot of problems that can arise if the rogue owner goes around pretending like they are still an owner that is making business decisions with customers. Get everything in order legally, and then go to court to get sole ownership of the company and press charges against the other owner if need be.