3 Ways A Locksmith Can Help Motorhome Owners

Posted on: 14 October 2016

Do you own a motorhome? Perhaps you bought it to explore, and it may save you a tremendous amount of money on lodging when you travel. Some people buy motorhomes because they enjoy camping and exploring nature, but they dislike the idea sleeping in tents. For these individuals, motorhomes seemingly save them from the inconvenience of having to be bothered with bugs, bad weather, or security threats when they are deep in the woods for days at a time. The following information will give you insight on some ways that a locksmith can save you from some inconveniences and ensure that your motorhome is safe.

#1 Various Keys

Do you have several different motorhome keys serve various purposes? For example, you may have a key that works for the ignition, another for the compartment area, another for add-ons, and another for the driver and passenger doors on the motorhome. Keeping up with various keys can be a hassle. It also means that you are potentially risking losing all the keys for multiple locks, which can be expensive and difficult to remedy. A locksmith can re-key or replace the various locks on your motorhome to ensure that only one key is needed for all of the areas that have locks. This means that at the most you would only have two keys, which would be one for the ignition and a separate one for the locks. It is also possible for a locksmith to create a universal key that opens the locks and works in the ignition. 

#2 Common Keys

You likely have the original locks on your motorhome, and you may not know that an estimated 60% of all motorhomes have storage compartments that use the exact same keys and locks. This means that other people may have keys that work on your lock and vice versa. There is also a possibility that there are thieves who are aware of this fact, and they may attempt to target you for a vicious crime if they have copies of the same keys. You can immediately protect yourself against this possibility by getting a deadbolt lock installed on your motorhome. You should also aim to have the original locks replaced as soon as possible. A locksmith can inspect the locks and tell you if they are unique or common. 

# 3 Lock Outs

Lost keys are an inconvenience that can happen to anyone. Even if you are careful, you might misplace your motorhome's keys. It is also possible to accidentally lock the keys in the motorhome. Locksmiths can assist by getting you into your motorhome to retrieve keys that are locked inside without damaging your locks. They can also re-key your locks or make new keys for existing locks if you misplace your keys.

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