Questions To Ask In A Nighttime Car Lockout

Posted on: 8 September 2016

Staying calm and proceeding with care is important in an emergency lockout. Here are some questions to ask yourself to deal with a lockout safely. 

Am I Safe?

The first question that you should ask isn't even about your car. If you are in an area where you will be unsafe, such as a deserted spot or a place where lots of high-speed traffic will be passing by, then you may want to abandon your car for now and figure out what to do from a more neutral spot. 

Can I Locate a 24-Hour Locksmith?

Next, see if you can locate a 24 hour locksmith in your area. If none of your local locksmiths list this service on their website, you may want to expand your radius a bit to try locksmiths in nearby towns. Some will come to your location for an additional travel fee. 

You may need to weigh the costs of taking a taxi home and potentially having your car towed against the fees of a mobile or emergency locksmith. Sometimes, late night locksmith calls will require additional service fees, but you may get lucky and find a company that offers their services on a flat rate. If your car is in an unsafe place where it could potentially be hit, stolen, or cited if left overnight, then it may be worth saving yourself the headache.

What Next?

If you are able to find an emergency locksmith, then you'll just want to sit tight in a comfortable and well-lit place. If not, you have the task of figuring out how to get home. If public transportation is unable or is dangerous, then taxis and ride shares should be considered. 

Fixing the Lockout and Beyond

Finally when you get back into your car, try to locate your missing key. If it's not in the car, then you may have some additional work to do. try to trace the key back to where you left it, and if unsuccessful, talk to the locksmith about the possibility of getting a new key made. You may need to have the dealer issue you a new key or even a new set of locks, if you want to be thorough. Getting comprehensive insurance after losing a car key may be a good idea as well; since you have a hire chance of break-in and theft when your key is floating somewhere, this insurance will protect you in many situations. 

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